Dog Walking Clinic – Forty-Five Minutes

Do you have anxiety about taking your dog for a walk because you know he/she is just going to pull you the whole way? Is he/she lunging, barking, reacting, and lunging along with causing chaos on your walks?

This is very common among dog owners, but it doesn’t have to be that way; so what’s the solution? I have a concrete technique to help break these patterns and help you both learn new ones within just a couple of sessions. We will help you calmly address behaviors immediately and I will be there to show and coach you through your first walk.

There are plenty of hands-on exercises where you will see dramatic changes in trouble behaviors within the first session.  The more you work with your dog around different stimuli, the more your dog learns how to ‘generalize’ the cues. We meet in your neighborhood, parks, outdoor shopping centers, stores and etc. (your choice).