Top 5 Dog Training Tips

Top 5 Dog Training Tips

Consistency is very important when it comes to dog training. Remember dog’s don’t do grey areas. They don’t like inconsistency either because they won’t know what you expect from them. If you sit your dog at a door and follow you through the door, this needs to happen with all doors. If here means come and sit in front of you, it has to be that way all of the time. Heel means walk next to me on a loose leash all the time. When you are teaching a behavior you need to consistently reward that behavior so the dog will want to repeat it. Behavior / Reward behavior reward. If you are not consistent the dog will not repeat the behavior.

Practice – I am sure you have heard “practice makes perfect”. The more you train with your dog the better they will be. Set certain times during the day or evening for 15 minute practice training sessions with your dog.

Praise – When your dog is doing it right let them know. Verbally praise them and or stroke them on the back of the neck or on the back.  Praise is a reward which can include touch and or talk. You don’t work for free don’t expect your dog to. Once your dog starts doing great, put him or her on a variable reward schedule.

Interrupt Unwanted Behavior – If your dog is jumping, barking, digging, nipping,  they will continue with those behaviors until you make it uncomfortable so they stop. Dogs do these behaviors because they are bored, lack exercise or seeking attention. If your dog lacks exercise, exercise can solve your problem. Sometimes a squirt bottle can interrupt unwanted behavior.

Patience – You must be patient! Don’t expect your dog to “get it” right away it takes time. Even when they start understanding the command don’t be surprised if they revert back.

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