Debi, Daisy & Hal

I’m Debi owner of Value Dog Training, Expert Dog Trainer, Behavior Specialist, and Animal Communicator.

I believe the most important outcome in dog training is to teach you how to solve your dogs training and behavior problems. My goal is to always end up with a happier and healthier dog and a satisfied dog owner. I grew up with dogs and have always had a good, loving rapport with them. Living with me right now are my two beagles, Daisy and Hal.

During a career change, I met and began training with Sacramento’s Master Dog Trainer, Eleanor Scheidemann, otherwise known as “The Dog Lady”. I started working with some of Eleanor’s dogs and she remarked on my natural ability as a trainer. Soon after, she became my mentor and I started to build my training skills.

Fast forward almost 10 years, and I’ve built Value Dog Training into one of  Sacramento’s premier dog training services. My passion is understanding both the individual dogs and their owners to identify the best personalized training options.

Every year, I have continued to learn more through additional training and coursework with other top trainers and canine behavior specialists. I’ve seen and learned the best of the best dog training systems in both traditional methods and the newest techniques available.

Drawing on this experience, as well as having worked with a wide variety of dog breeds, I can put together the best method for each dog and their owner.

Dogs are my passion and my life. Let me show you the joys of a well trained, well behaved dog.

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