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Debi, Daisy & Hal

About Me: Dog Trainer Debi

Debi is an expert Dog Trainer, Behavior Specialist, and Animal Communicator.

Debi grew up with dogs her entire life. Because of her love for dogs, she currently shares her home with two beagles named Daisy and Hal. She is one of Sacramento’s Top Dog Trainers.

Also, Debi is the founder and head trainer of Value Dog Training. As a result of her training, Debi is uniquely suited to help you with your dog’s behavioral problems.

Especially relevant is Debi’s training under nationally known dog trainer, Master Trainer Eleanor Scheidemann, “The Dog Lady”. As head trainer of Value Dog Training, Debi continues to focus on corrective obedience training.

In addition, Debi has been an assistant dog trainer for many years in classrooms and private in-home dog training. Through traditional and new canine behavior techniques, Debi presents personalized training programs. Each year, Debi continues her education with top trainers and canine behavior specialists.

Debi continues to improve her vast experience by studying various training methods and dog training courses. As a result, Debi can choose the best method for each dog and their owner(s). This allows Debi to put together a personalized plan just for you.

Debi has experience working with a wide variety of breeds and temperaments. This allows her to understand each individual dog and handler, and put together a custom-tailored training plan.

Most of all, she believes in working with each owner to solve their dogs’ training and behavior problems. Her focus is on all levels of obedience training, along with manners and problem solving.