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New Puppy or Dog

Bringing Home a New Puppy or Dog– How To Prepare

Bringing home a new puppy is truly one of life’s joys… A canine companion comes with the responsibility of guardianship though out its life time.

Getting Off on the Right Paw
Before bringing home your puppy or dog, have these supplies on hand.

A Dog Bed, bedding should be thick enough for comfort and sized appropriately for the breed. Be aware that some puppies or dogs that are left unattended for too long may chew their bedding, as this is something to start to train on from day one.
Dog-Appropriate toys, sized-appropriately for puppy or dog breed, give lots of different styles of toys, balls, ropes, chew bones, stuffed toys. Never give old clothing or shoes as a toy.

Two Dog Bowls: one for fresh water and one for quality food. Value Dog Training recommends a High quality food Lamb and Rice Formula.

A Well-Fitted Collar and Leash are a must for training and safety during outdoor excursions. Avoid chain leashes; cotton or a good quality leather leash is a better alternative.

A Pet ID Tag allows your puppy or dog to find his way home. should he or she get out and roam. You also want to microchip your puppy or dog to insure he or she is returned in case he or she gets lost.

Brushes, Combs and Dog Shampoo will be needed for every breed.

An Odor and Stain Eliminator is a cleaner you will want on hand for those inevitable toileting accidents.

Tips to Puppy/Dog Proofing “Your House and Yard            

In addition to the essential supplies mentioned above, ensure your home and yard is safe for the exuberance of a new puppy or dog. Remove potential hazards-anything that would make an enticing chew toy-such as power cords, potted house plants, shoes and clothing and anything “bite-size” that could be ingested by a curious puppy or dog. Outside, remove small rocks, sticks, fertilizers, gardening tools and equipment. Also, be mindful of toxic household and garage items, such as antifreeze, detergents and tobacco products. Move anything cherished or breakable to higher ground. 

Get on your hands and knees the puppy’s or dog’s view-to look for potential problems. If you think an item could be a hazard, remove it.

Tips for the First Day Home
Your pup or dog will be excited and anxious in his or her new environment. It is your job to make him or her feel safe and comfortable.
Be patient. Although accidents will happen, do reprimand your puppy or dog during the first 24-48 hours while he or she is acclimating to the new environment, and show him or her door, and or dog door.

Do praise him or her profusely when he or she does something positive.

Structure is a must. Have a planned schedule from the day your pup or dog arrives-especially when trying to housebreaking. Take your puppy or dog outside on a leash frequently, and stay with him or her so that you know he or she has toileted.

Getting acclimated will take him or her some time. Show your pup or dog where he will be eating, sleeping and toileting. As your puppy or dog adapts to his or her new surroundings and routine, he or she will feel more comfortable.

Naps are important for a puppy or dog. Be sure to give him or her space and time he or she needs to relax. Try not to overwhelm your puppy or dog. He or she is like a new baby and will need frequent naps throughout the day.

Start training as early as DAY ONE. Value Dog Training comes to your home to train, so even though your puppy or dog may not have all its vaccination that does not mean we cannot train until he or she has all the required vaccination.
Providing this leadership is key to managing a dog’s behavior.

Tips for the First Night Home
The first night may prove to be a challenge as puppies and or dogs often cry and whine throughout the night when in a new environment. Also, he or she probably will need to go out to toilet. Just as the daytime routine is important, so is the evening routine.

Your puppy or dog’s sleeping arrangements should be in a central location in the house, your bedroom, your children’s bedroom.

Teach your puppy or dog from the first night where you want him or her to sleep, bring him or her outside before going to bed, pick up water a few hours before you go to bed, this will help with potty training, he or she may need to go out to toilet during the night. He or she will need to get used to sleeping on his or her own when you want your puppy or dog to sleep

Tips for the Future
Picking a trainer can be a daunting task; however Value Dog Training can help you and your puppy or dog from day one. We offer a Free Phone Consultation contact us at 916-201-7080 for the best training options for you and your growing puppy or dog.

Exercise your puppy or dog regularly. A walk in the neighborhood or a trip to the park is good
For mind and body-for both you and your dog. The more consistent you are. The faster your puppy or dog will learn and the better he or she will perform.

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