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Value Dog Training Sacramento Holiday Safety Tips

Dog Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

The Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time to make new memories with your dog and family. Just be sure those memories aren’t the kind made while waiting anxiously in an emergency veterinary clinic.

Here is a list of important Dog Christmas Holiday Tips  you should watch for to help keep your dog safe during the holidays.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips:

There are a few things you can do in order to keep the holidays safe and sound for both your tree and your dog.

• Carefully place the lights on your tree with your dog in mind. Dogs can be curious. So, Do not put the lights on the bottom branches. Dogs can get tangled in the lights and get burned or even be tempted to chew on them.

• Keep ornaments out of the way. Again, with your dog’s curiosity on high alert, they may see an ornament as a toy that is just begging to be played with. These beautiful ornaments can be potential choking hazards, can cause intestinal blockages if chewed, as well as cuts should any pieces become broken.

• If your family chooses to select a live tree each year, keep the area free of pine needles. They can puncture your dog’s intestines should they inadvertently swallow them and that’s in addition to possible vomiting and diarrhea.

• Tinsel is pretty, it glistens and glows in the nighttime against the lights, however if your dog ingests tinsel it can block their intestines. Intestinal blockage of this nature would lead directly to surgery. That’s one sure fire way to put a damper on Christmas.

• If your dog is a a jumper you may want to secure the tree and place it in an area safe from their jumping skills. Some people suggest placing a few sprigs of aluminum foil throughout the tree or a few empty water bottles out. Sounds may startle him/her and serve to remind him that this is not a tree to be messed with!

• This is the perfect time to have an in home dog training session to teach your puppy or dog to leave those items on the tree alone, contact Value Dog Training, to schedule a training session 916-201-7080

Watch Out for Holiday Plants

House Plants & Holiday Plants:  Though plants bring color and life into your home, caution should be used when placing them.

 There are a wide variety of house plants that are dangerous to dogs and puppies. Plus, a number of Christmas plants are toxic to dogs.

 • The berries and leaves of Holly can cause discomfort and vomiting. They can also be fatal.

• Poinsettia sap will blister your dog’s mouth within minutes of digestion. It can also cause other symptoms, such as stomach upset.

• Mistletoe can, in mild cases, cause stomach upset and in severe cases, heart collapse.

 It is best for dog owners to use artificial Christmas plants instead of real ones. If you feel you must have real plants, place them on high shelves so your dog can’t reach them.

Gifts and Wrapping

• Make sure your dog does not get into gifts or wrapping paper along with ribbon and bows, which are harmful if swallowed. Cloth and wrapping paper can also cause obstructions in dogs.

Give the Gift of Dog Training this Holiday Season

Professional dog training is one of the best gifts you can give the dog and puppy owners in your life this holiday season. Contact Value Dog Training at 916-201-7080- ask us about our Holiday Training Specials

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