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Dog Health Insurance

It’s not easy for a dog parent to refuse the treatment their dogs needs because of cost. Pet insurance (Dog Health Insurance) makes it easier to say yes to recommended treatments.

Who has the Best Dog Health Insurance?

Medical care is rarely cheap – and the same goes for our four-legged friends. While dog owners are grateful for advances in technology and medicine that make it possible to keep their “fur kids” healthy, these procedures and prescriptions often come with a hefty price tag.

Without pet insurance, a simple blood test can cost well over $200. Even a standard yearly checkup can set you back by hundreds of dollars. How’s your wallet feeling now? Chances are, you would do almost anything to take care of your beloved dog- but you might find yourself having to make difficult choices, especially if your dog or cat experiences a traumatic injury or life-threatening illness.

How Dog Health Insurance Can Save You Money

One of the best ways to make sure that happens is by investing in a pet insurance policy.

Like their human counterparts, animals can get sick or be involved in accidents which can cause severe injury. They also need routine preventative healthcare in order to stay healthy – all of which can cost a pretty penny. Pet insurance plans are designed to help shoulder the burden of these costs, helping pet owners to have the choice in caring for their pet, versus euthanasia due to insufficient funding to pay for necessary medical procedures.

Just like their owners, pets can be protected with pet insurance plans that help ease the financial strain of medical care. Pet insurance has become very popular in the last few years, with dozens of companies offering to help you keep your pet healthy for a long time. But, every pet insurance plan is different with respect to deductibles and fees, covered services, and claims processing.

As you decide which pet insurance company is the best fit for you and your pet, keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Cost. What will you pay for your coverage? Is there a deductible, and is it annual or per incident? Will you pay any enrollment fees?
  • Coverage. What services and procedures are covered in the plan you have selected? Does it cover preventative measures like annual checkups? Are there any noteworthy exclusions? Does the company offer a variety of plans to meet your needs?
  • Reputation. Is the pet insurance provider rated by the Better Business Bureau? What do other customers say about their experience? Are claims paid quickly, or do you have to jump through a lot of hoops to file paperwork? Do many claims get denied? Are the company’s customer service representatives knowledgeable and friendly?


Pets Best is one of the easiest-to-use, customizable pet insurance sites in the industry. You can choose from many different combinations of annual deductibles, annual payment limits, and reimbursement levels, along with two tiers of optional routine care coverage. You can also expect fast payments on claims. Pets Best remains one of our preferred providers of pet insurance and earns our highest rating. To read more about PETS BEST click here 


The ASPCA offers pet insurance that is competitive with other providers; noteworthy perks include available unlimited coverage plans and zero enrollment fees to get started. But, especially for younger pets, ASPCA’s premiums tend to me more expensive, including a $2 per-payment fee on any plan not paid on an annual basis. To read more about ASPCA click here 


Embrace has been a top provider of pet insurance policies since they got their start in 2006. The pricing on their plans are offset by a unique diminishing deductible for every year your pet doesn’t make a claim. A solid reputation for fast claims approval and payments should put Embrace on your list of pet insurance plans to consider for your favorite four-legged pal. To read more about EMBRACE click here


Petplan has a wide variety of pet insurance plans to choose from, depending on the deductible/annual limits/coverage amounts you want. They’re accredited with the BBB as an “A+” rated company, and their website is cute and simple to use. However, you’ll pay much more for their pet insurance when compared with other providers. You may also have a hard time getting your claims paid in a timely fashion. To read more about PETPLAN click here


Trupanion has been a trusted provider of pet insurance since 2000 in Canada and 2008 in the US. All of their plans pay 90% of eligible claims, and premiums are based on deductibles ranging from $0 to $1000. You can use any licensed veterinarian/animal hospital, some of whom have a direct pay relationship that means you don’t have to pay the bill and wait for reimbursement. However, a broader-than-average definition of “pre-existing condition” leaves some customers with unpaid claims. To read more about TRUPANION click here


PetPlace was founded by a veterinarian with a critical mission in mind: to provide credible pet health and wellness information to help pet parents make the best health decisions for their pets. We believe pet insurance ensures that your pet can always receive the best medical care and helps your pet live the longest and healthiest life. To read more about PETPLACE click here


Pet First has been a part of the pet insurance industry since 2004. While they enjoy an A+ rating with the BBB, their plans will almost definitely cost you more than the competition, especially with deductibles that are per-incident instead of annual and coverage limits that are lower than most. Pet First probably will not have your tail wagging when it comes to pet insurance. To read more about PET FIRST click here


Healthy Paws is a great way to get peace of mind for your pet’s medical needs. Big advantages of getting your pet insurance with Healthy Paws are their annual deductibles (not per covered condition), no annual coverage limits, fast payment of claims, and friendly, personalized attention to you and your animal companion. They should be on your list of top providers when considering which pet insurance plan is right for your furry friend. To read more about HEALTHY PAWS click here


Figo’s pet insurance plans are easy to understand and very affordable: the only policies on the market that include a 100% reimbursement option, in addition to unlimited annual coverage limits. The only thing missing with this provider are routine/wellness care options. In all other aspects, Figo is a first-rate choice for pet insurance. To read more about FIGO click here


24 Pet Watch has been providing pet insurance as a subsidiary of Pethealth Inc. since 2003. Although they’ve come a long way – updating their website and making it much easier to purchase a plan – numerous customer reviews still put this provider well behind the pack, citing unexpected increases in premiums, dropped coverage, and denied claims. We recommend that you choose a pet insurance company with a stronger reputation. To read more about 24 PET WATCH click here


Pet Assure is a complete pet care program offering discounts on veterinary care from thousands of participating veterinarians nationwide. Is Pet Assure insurance? No. Pet Assure is a low-cost alternative. Because we aren’t insurance, there are no exclusions or restrictions and there are absolutely no hassles like deductibles or claim forms. To read more about PET ASSURE click here


One of the newest pet insurance providers in the pack, Pet Premium aims to keep your furry friend “happy, healthy, and protected”. Their robust site includes a wealth of information about pets, from breeds to routine care, and even offers a puppy/breeder search. One downside is that claims are paid based on established limits for each condition, not on what you actually spent at the vet’s office. To read more about PET PREMIUM click here


Nationwide is well known for insuring people, but they’ve also been covering dogs, cats, and even more unusual pets since 1982. Their pricing is simple to understand and covers a broader range of illnesses, accidents, and even wellness if you choose their Whole Pet plan. But, you should expect to provide detailed medical histories of your pets; numerous policyholders complain that their claims were denied outright due to missing documentation or pre-existing conditions. To read more about NATIONWIDE click here



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