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January National Train Your Dog Month

January Train Your Dog Month
January Train Your Dog Month

Happy New Year January National Train Your Dog Month

Welcome 2019 – January starts off with National Train Your Dog Month.

Of the old myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It simply is not true. Studies show that older dogs are easier to train than puppies because, however training should start the day you bring home that puppy or adult dog. Don’t let your dog’s age discourage you from getting started in 2019 on training your furry friend and building a positive relationship along with good habits.

Every dog—and their families—benefit tremendously from dog training. Equally true is that every dog can be trained—this is something we firmly believe here at Value Dog Training.

Benefits of Training your Dog

Reason #1
Basic Dog training can make your life easier, create good habits while teaching fundamental commands, which can save a dogs life, as A trained dog is more likely to understand vocal commands so they will be able to respond more quickly when you direct them to avoid dangers and obstacles. Dog Training improves your relationship with your dog. Dog training is really an education for both the dog and its human family; and, as such, it fosters a harmonious relationship between them. If dog owners do not assume this leadership position, often gained through dog training, the dog may try to become the leader, which can lead to a host of problems. However, as you train your dog, you earn your dog’s respect as their benevolent and trusty leader. They begin to follow your lead and respect you as the authority figure. Both you and your canine pal become more secure in your relationship, which builds a stronger bond and ensures order in your home.

Reason #2
Dog training creates a bond between you and your 4 legged friends. Dog Training ensures that you and your dog spend more time together. As you go through the process of training, you will start picking up the quirks of your dog; what motivates and distracts them. Working with your dog on behavioral lessons can be fun! And it strengthens your relationship. It gives the dog an opportunity to succeed and please you—which is truly what they want to do.

Reason #3
Teaching basic manners to your pet allow them to be welcome in more environments and situations. A Trained dog is more fun and enjoyable members of the family. A trained dog is a pleasure to have around. A well-behaved dog is a pleasure to walk or take to the park, a pleasure to take on adventures—such as hiking, camping and beach trips—and a pleasure to own. Dog training can literally open doors for you and your pup—you’d be surprised at how many places will admit a dog that stays near its owner, responds instantly to commands, and behaves well in public. Just think of all the places you enjoy that might be shared with your well-behaved canine companion.

Reason #4
Dog training is the single most important factor allowing a pet to stay in their home forever. If you get off on the right foot together then you can set out on a positive path together. Training will eliminate problem behaviors such as jumping on visitors, barking, digging, house soiling, chewing, and other issues that come between you and your dog.

Training can eliminate problems stemming from insecurity and power struggles. Second, training can add richness and variety to your dog’s life thereby preventing boredom—which is at the root of many behavioral problems. Overall, training helps you identify your dog’s needs and the underlying causes of its “bad” behavior, helping you also to understand and remedy these problems.

Training your dog is that it can literally save your dog’s life. While we don’t spend much time thinking about doom and gloom scenarios, imagine this: you are on a busy street packed with cars and other people. Your dog slips out of its collar or is off its leash and goes dashing into the street. You call your dog and hope that it will return safely to your side. Now, the untrained dog may not heed its owner’s calls, oblivious to the impending dangers. The trained dog will hear and respond immediately to your command, returning instantly to your side and be safe from danger. This is one of the best reasons to train your dog.

Training can also help save thousands of dogs are relinquished to shelters each year because owners are not able to get along harmoniously with their dogs. They may think their dogs are “un-trainable”, exhibit irreparable problem behaviors, or perhaps they just don’t know how to provide a good environment for their dogs. Training can solve all of these problems and prevent your dog from becoming one of the thousands that enter the shelter system, many of which do not make it out.

Dog training takes time, effort and patience, but the results can save you from:

Disobedience by your dog, (chasing cars) resulting in an injury or death
Destroyed furniture – Once there is a big tear in the couch, it’s ruined!
Soiled carpet – Can cost over $1,500 to replace
Dog bite to human – thousands of dollars in medical bills and potentially a lawsuit
Dog fights – Resulting in vet bills for your dog, or the other dog, in which case you may be required to pay both

Value dog training is here to help you in your training efforts and with results—
Value Dog Training can also help you prevent unwanted problems from developing in the first place, by helping your dog get the training it needs. Give us a call today to speak with the owner / trainer. 916-201-7080

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