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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Name

You want the Perfect name for your dog, as our dogs’ names say a lot about us, so dog owners are increasingly taking their time picking the perfect name. It turns out there’s an art AND a science to selecting the just-right name for your dog. Dogs are more likely to respond to certain sounds.

What’s the secret to the perfect dog name? or What you think is perfect dog name for your dog. Creativity and personal expression are important, sure, but when it comes to giving your dog a name, training is a top concern. Your dog will hear his or her name over and over, until he or she knows his or her name and and will learn to respond to it when learning commands.

It is a fact that veterinary / dog behaviorists agree that dogs recognize their names because something happens after they hear them. In other words, it’s a more of a “cue” word than a personal identifier.

Their name is more of a “cue” word than a personal identifier, what that means that your dog needs to respond to his or her name, and associate it with good things. You can teach him or her to recognize his or her name with lots of praise.

Sit next to him or her and when he or she looks at you, call him or her by his or her name and his or her name ______good dog. Repeat, and eventually, he or she will  learn their name.

The Best Fit for You and Your Dog

In the end, picking something you love is most important. You want to get that warm, fuzzy feeling every time you say your dog’s name, just like you want your dog to respond to his or her name with joy. If it makes you happy to say it, you’ve found the right choice.

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