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How to tell if your Dog Loves You

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s (and woman’s!)…Some of the ways dogs show their love for us are obvious, while others are more subtle. Here are signs that your dog is madly in love of you: Eyebrow and Ear Movements. Dogs express what’s on their mind using their body language, tail wagging, growls, barks and whines. Do you know How to tell if your Dog Loves You?

Body Language

He or she uses the right body language to show that they love you. Most of us know some of the obvious body-language signs. Do your dog’s ears perk up when you walk in the room? Does he wriggle around excitedly when you open the front door? Or does his tail wag vigorously?

They’ll Protect you

Dogs always want to protect the ones they love and dogs do just that with their favorite human. If your dog seems to get upset when anyone approaches you it’s their way of telling others that they have your back. Of course you’ll have to teach your dog not to attack anyone in the name of love but rest assured when they start barking at people approaching you it’s because they want to keep you safe.

They’re Happy to See You

Dogs love seeing their favorite human, so if your furry friend seems super excited to see you it’s because they are. A loyal and loving dog wants to make sure you stay close by at all times because having you around makes their day just that much better. There aren’t going to be many others as excited as your dog upon seeing you so enjoy the moment!


Well, not just anyone! Dogs love playing with their best buddy and if your dog wants to play with you be assured that they love you. If your pup chooses you as her playmate it’s definitely a sign that having you around to play fetch, walk them or run with them witch is a very important part of their day and you are a very important part of their life. Dogs also love playing with other dogs but that doesn’t mean they love you any less.


He responds to your voice, your dog runs over when you tell him that dinner is served or it’s time for a walk. Your dog is listening to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Dogs process speech by separating the meaning of the words from the intonation. And they analyze each aspect of speech independently. If your dog runs over to you when you call him or responds positively to the sound of your voice, that’s a pretty good sign that he loves you.

Eye Contact

He makes eye contact, Does your dog stare into your eyes? It turns out that’s one of the ways that he says, “I love you.” Mutual gazing between dogs and their owners causes significant increases in oxytocin. Oxytocin  is a powerful hormone both in human and dogs that plays a significant role in bonding.

Comforts You

Lets you cry on them. Bad breakup? Rough day at work? A dog will let you cry buckets all over their lovely warm fur, while possibly licking you at the same time, for extra comfort.

He or she tries to please you when you’re ill. Whether it’s a hangover or something more serious, your dog will try and make it better by lying down next to you, and mirroring your movements.

In conclusion, you now know How to tell if your Dog Loves You!



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