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Microchipping your Dog

Microchipping your Dog – Pet Process (Value Dog Training)

Microchipping Your Dog

Why it’s so important to Microchip and Register your Dog

With the recent fire in Paradise, Butte County that turned into a Catastrophic event, it is very important to microchip your dog. As many residents had to flee in a matter of minutes in certain areas, and were unable to get their dogs.  there has been many Lost dog sit awaiting to be reunited with their owners, as  many dogs were not microchipped and or did not have registration information on the chip, as a result it’s become a difficult task trying to reunite the dogs with their owners.

The Importance and Safety for your Pet

The dog collar and microchip is a critical safety measure in regards to properly identifying dogs. Registering your dogs microchip With a HomeAgain microchip and pet recovery system, you’ll give your pet the best chance of coming back home to you. Home Again is the #1 Micrpchip register in the US all want the peace of mind to know that in an emergency, accident or natural disaster that our dog will be alright. Environment.

The environment can change in an instant. Due to natural disasters on the rise or a random unexpected loud noise, your dog could unexpectedly become separated from your family. There is no way to predict any of these occurrences, but the best way to prepare is to have all the resources you need to find them.


Every dog should have a collar. Even if your dog is strictly indoors, a collar is a first-step to identify (first step in identifying) who they are, in an emergency situation. “Make sure your pet can be identified if they get separated from you, ideally, this means they would be microchipped in addition to a physical tag with contact information.”


The microchip adds an additional layer of security. If a dog is lost, a microchip can track the dog and get the dog safely back to its owner. Microchipping your Dog collar is a great secondary addition to provide identification, but in an emergency, a collar does have the ability to fall off. Certainly, that is why the microchip is so important. Due to the security of the chip, there is no way for the chip to tear, rip, fall off, or become misplaced.

Having up-to-date contact information can result in a reunited dog with its owner.

Contact Information

Similarly, make sure the information on your microchip is accurate. As you don’t want an old address associated with the microchip.(An out of date microchip could result in your pet being returned to an old address.) Your dog could return to the wrong location. Also make sure your collar has updated contact information as well, which includes phone numbers and a physical address. It is often a missed step due to a simple change in phone number or a recent move.

Microchipping your Dog accessibility to get a microchip for your dog is available at a wide variety of places. Your local vet can microchip your dog. Also, many animal shelters and rescue organizations will micro-chip when you adopt your new pet. The adoption fee often includes a chip component as part of the adoption fee. Likewise many local animal rescue and shelter organizations offer a low-cost microchip option on National Check the Chip Day.


Many microchip platforms have the ability to connect to an app with your smartphone. So you have the capability to update your contact information while you are on-the-go. Also, an app provides the flexibility to update as needed at your convenience.

Peace of Mind

Microchipping your Dog microchip provides the security and peace of mind for your dog that in an emergency they can be reunited with their family.

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