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Prevent your Dog from Becoming Stolen or Lost

Dog theft is on the rise all over California and we’re finding that thieves are usually out to make a quick buck by reselling them. Especially, purebred dogs, smaller, specialty breeds, hunting dogs and those with unique abilities. These bring a higher price tag than other dogs. As instances of dog napping continue to grow, it’s important that dog owners take more precautions so they aren’t becoming victims of this frightful trend. Learn how to Prevent your Dog from Becoming Stolen or Lost.

When a dog disappears

It’s hard to tell if they simply ran off or were taken by a criminal depending upon the circumstances. Regardless, in either case, dog lovers should be extra vigilant so their precious pooch don’t go missing. Preventative measures, such as having your dog wear a study collar 24/7/365. I know this sounds silly. However, it’s very difficult to get a hold of a dog that is loose without a collar on.

Things to consider

ID tags such as a ID Tag from K9Tags Make sure that if your address or phone number were to changed, replace your dog’s Id Tag. Microchips that have been Registered such as Home Again Microchip GPS Collars are great and there are  several types you can choose from. I suggest you do your own research on what type of GPS Collar would be best for your Dog. Tattoos –  serve a variety of purposes on pets including your dog. Spay incisions are sometimes tattooed by veterinarians so if the scar fades, the tattoo is still visible. An incision tattoo can save your lost spayed pet a second surgery if she finds herself unclaimed in a shelter.  “Identification tattoos” are registered markings that can also help your pet find their way home. However, tattoos can fade and become difficult to read. They can go unnoticed if the person who finds your dog doesn’t think to check an ear or the inside of a thigh for a tattoo. Even if your pet is tattooed, a collar and ID tag and a microchip with current information will get your pet home quickly. There’s no such thing as “too much ID.”

However there are many other ways we can help to protect our dogs from being Stolen or Lost. Let’s take a look at eight of them here:

Obedience Training Is Important When you Are Trying To Prevent your Dog from Becoming Stolen or Lost

Teach commands

Such as “Back” and “Wait” at doors, practice doing this training exercise, while your puppy or dog is leashed and unleashed.

Teach Recall

Come when called, practice recall in your backyard with a lead on and off, at the dog park off leash, in a park with a long lead. Value Dog Training can teach your dog not to bolt out the front door, car door, gate, along with teaching recall for off leash training, contact value dog training for a one hour session. Debi 916-201-7080

Fence Fixes

If your dog spends their days in a fenced, back yard or other enclosure, don’t assume that it’s safe simply because it’s standing. Be sure to regularly check for things like loose boards, cracks or other problems with the walls. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to leave them unattended in a back yard, but consider this is still a dangerous environment for them.

Locked Gates

If the gate to this fenced area simply has a latch to keep it closed, consider putting on a more permanent device like a lock. Also check to ensure the hinges are tight and in good working order.

Tied Up

It’s fairly common to see a friendly dog tied up in front of a business like a bank or store. This is an open invitation for a thief to easily walk away with your leashed dog.

Car Trouble

The same is true for leaving a dog left inside an unlocked automobile. You wouldn’t leave a child alone in a car and the same should be true for your pet.

Stranger Danger

Be on the lookout for people who don’t belong in your neighborhood. It may seem like a stretch, but these strangers could be looking for animals worthy of stealing.

Be Neighborly

Most pet owners who walk their dogs regularly will run into other animal lovers when they’re outdoors. Be friendly, introduce yourself and your dog. Should your pet go missing, neighbors and other people in your community will be your first line of defense when looking for your dog should they go missing.

Social Standing

While this is true for most dog owners, be sure you have plenty of pictures of your pooch, especially on social media. Again, these people will be the ones you reach out to in case your dog is lost or stolen.

Be Aware

If you take your animal to a dog park and they’re off leash. Pay extra close attention to them at all times. If you think no one would take your dog from a public place in broad daylight, think again. Purebred dogs and those with unique abilities are at a higher risk for abduction compared to other animals. For thieves, these pets can fetch a hefty price when sold. Don’t be a victim of the lost dog or a theft of your dog.

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