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Camp Fire Reunited

Reunite Pets, Owners Separated by Butte County Wildfire

Reunite a Found Pet, Owners Separated by Butte County Wildfire.

“People have been looking for their animals, so we want to play an important role in helping these people,”

PAW PRINTS to Reunite a Found Pet

A great app called Paw Prints is a great App. This app can help reunite pets with their owners that were separated by Butte County wildfire. Locating your dog in times like this can really make your mind at ease.

How it works:

For instance, you were separated from your dog. After that, Animal owners can create dots indicating where the pet was last seen. In addition, including  its breed and contact information. Therefore, Anyone who finds an animal can create a star through the app, with the same details that hopefully ends with the pet being reunited with its owner. In other words, this is a great way to locate your lost dog.

Wittner’s Response

“They can easily put a found dot on the map and that way hopefully that owner will come across the map and say, ‘Oh my gosh, they have my pet,’” Wittner said.

The app is not just for owners.

Pointed out by Wittner, he said first responders can also use the app. Therefore, this app can be the key part in the mission to Reunite a Found Pet with his owner.

“They could look at this app and realize, ‘OK, I’m at this house, I’m on the ground,’” Wittner said.

Wittner also explained, how they’re just doing their small part. Hoping to make a big difference in the lives of pets and people who have lost everything.

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