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Animal Shelters in the Sacramento Area

Sacramento Area Animal Shelters. Animal Shelters and SPCAs for Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo counties are listed below.

Animal Shelters

Municipal shelters are funded by and serve residents of a specific city or county.

Nonprofit shelters are funded through donations, grants, and adoption fees

Animal Shelters in the Sacramento Area

Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation (municipal)

Sacramento SPCA (nonprofit)

Front Street Animal Shelter – (municipal/Sacramento City)

Placer County Animal Services (municipal)

Placer SPCA (nonprofit)

El Dorado County Animal Services (municipal)

Yolo County Animal Services (municipal)

*Value Dog Training makes no representations regarding the accuracy of this information or the abilities of these organizations. This list is provided as a resource only. Updated September 1, 2018

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