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Turkey Breast

Thanksgiving Feast for Fido

Happy Turkey Day!

Don’t leave your furry family out of the feast, but limit treats to these Thanksgiving foods dogs can eat on Happy Turkey Day!.

Yummy Thanksgiving Feast for Fido that can be included on Fido’s plate for a Thanksgiving feast.

Turkey Breast – cut up or shredded, Select turkey from the middle of the breast because it is least likely to have absorbed the fatty, salty brine and leave the skin off.

Gravy – You can make a dog-friendly gravy using canned dog food or purchase a pre-made gravy made for dogs.

Carrots –Carrots, steamed or boil just make sure they are unseasoned ones on the plate.

Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes, mash up some of the boiled sweet potatoes before any butter or spices are added.

Apple Slices – Apples are a sweet treat for your pup. Save a few slices before making that apple pie. You can chop them up or mash them for your pup. Just make sure you have removed the seeds and skin.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin can help regulate your dog’s digestive tract, so just a spoonful. Whether the pumpkin is steamed, baked, or canned make sure that nothing has been added to it.

Cranberries – Cranberries, just spoonful on for a topping as not all dogs like cranberries.

Once you’re gathered the Thanksgiving food for fido, you can arrange them on the plate so it resembles the way family dishes up theirs. Just remember to keep the portion sizes small, so you don’t stuff fido with too much food.


Value Dog Training wishes you and Fido a Happy Awooo Thanksgiving!


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