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I called Value Dog Training to come help me with my Corgi Scout.  We had moved into a new home and he was very fearful and barked at everyone, lung and pull on the leash, along with try to run away. He wouldn’t even let my friends come into our new home causing a big fuss.  I decided to go with the Foundation III program and I can tell you that Debi went above and beyond the time that states. She is a well educed trainer, who is professional and knows what she is doing.  My Scout has really turned around.  He is a sweet little dog who can now greet people on leash, let people in the home without a fess, be okay if a car or bike goes by. Thank you Debi for all your help! Tiffany and Nick Folsom

I adopted a 4 year old Rhodesian ridgeback who was having some leash reaction. I already have another ridgeback in my home so trying to manage both dogs was pretty much impossible and very stressful. Debi is very knowledgeable and I can’t believe how much she learned along with my other with the training session that we have done. I couldn’t recommend Debi more highly. I now have two well mannered dogs. Thanks Nick Elk Grove

It was amazing to see how quickly Lucy responded to the training. The system was very easy to understand. The rules were clear and simple. I understand that now I will need to be consistent with my training. I would definitely recommend Debi of Value Dog Training. I am excited to be able to create a secure environment for both my dog and myself. Thanks Gina

We highly recommend Debi of Value Dog Training. Our Pepper who is 5 years old was leash reactive and had lots of anxiety, while on walks, she would bark and bark until the other dog passed.  We had tried other trainers in the area before, but I want to give it one more try with Debi of Value Dog Training.  After a few sessions, it is true you can teach; an old dog new tricks. She is so better behaved, which took the stress out of enjoying walks in the park. Debi did a great job of not only training our dog, but training us in how to best handle her. Would highly encourage others to use Debi of Value Dog Training. Todd and Lisa, Roseville

Debi is amazing. She really takes the time to get to know you, your dog and your needs.  I appreciated the coaching that she does for me as the human in the relationship with my dog.  It really changed the way we get along as we now have a wonderful relationship with each other. Jack needed to learn that he could not always have his way, and Debi sure did help with that. I won’t hesitate to call her back if I get “stuck” with my training. Christina, Sacramento

First I want to start off saying thank you to Debi owner/trainer of Value Dog Training! We are truly grateful we found her. We have a 7 month and are beyond happy with the results. Our 6 year old son and our dog Penny are best friends! Penny has become one trained puppy, and not just that, but when my son wants to play with him he can and we don’t have to worry about our dog getting aggressive, he’s playful, gentle, caring and lovable. Once again thank you to Debi who took the time to train and help us train Penn. We can never thank you enough! Bob and Sarah H Elk Grove

We have had Hank for two years and never had the time to get him trained. We heard about Value Dog Training from a friend and were happy we did. Our dog Hank used to bolt out the front door, and we would worry about him getting hit by a car. Since the training we have been able to keep him front bolting out the front door. Thank you so much! Don and Mary, Roseville

I am so fortunate to have found Value Dog Training. Debi has been so helpful in training my dog. I recommend her Foundation III Program. I have worked with several trainers to help stop my dog's challenging behaviors. Debi worked with my dog during the training session and she had me work with my dog during the training sessions as well. I can honestly say, the Foundation III Programs was the best thing I could have done to help my dog with his aggression and I was able to learn how to be a better dog owner and trainer. Highly recommended! Dawn P Fair Oaks

Debi, thank you again, I’m so glad you saw all the positive changes in Kona since your first visit; we’re really proud of him and thrilled with how far he’s come! When we decided to get Kona, I wanted to do everything right that I could. It reassures me we are going in the right direction when somebody like you comes and tells us that we are doing right by him. Kona now rides great in the car, and understand how to be calm when take him places. Thanks again Debi for everything. Dale, Roseville

After researching dog trainers in this area, I decided to with Value Dog Training, Debi answered all my questions over the phone and I was able to set up a training session over the with no form / paper work to fill out.

From day one, it was evident Debi is knowledgeable and passionate about training. She provided me with the tools to teach the basic commands as well as extra tips to work on specific problem areas. I love that Debi is very hands on with each session and answered all my questions. She was always available via phone not text or email which takes twice as long to ask a question. Duke is a 6 month old puppy who is very well behaved, social German Shepherd I highly recommend Debi of Value Dog Training Thanks Bruce Sacramento

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