Customized Dog Training Services to meet
and Your Dog’s Unique Needs


The Value Dog Training Methodology

Your dog has unique needs and we understand there is no one size fits all Methodology needs in dog training. Whether your dog is a puppy or fully grown, we work with you to learn your goals and requirements for training. All Customized Dog Training can occur in the convenience of your home in the Sacramento and Surrounding Areas. Contact Value Dog Training today to schedule a session!

Value Dog Training

How We are Different

We recognize that all dogs are different and all dog owners desire different things from a well trained dog. Above all, You understand that a well trained and well behaved dog can go with you more places, whether an outing to the dog park or visiting your friends and family. And the dog training doesn’t stop when our sessions are complete. You will leave each dog training session with resources, advice, and simple dog training techniques that will further your relationship with your dog and continue the training.


Valuedogtraining uses positive and corrective methods and never reward with treats in our training methods. Our training methods include:

  • Use Positive and Corrective methods while working with your dog
  • Train you and your dog and show you effective techniques to further that training
  • Use Correction Training Collars – Prong / Pinch Collars / Check Choke
  • We don’t use any treats in our Training Methods

What can we help you with?

Basic Manners, for puppies and adult dogs. Puppy frustrations to adult dogs that have bad behaviors to aggression issues. Value Dog Training, would love to help your dog be the well-manned, happy dog you deserve.

Dog training Obedience Commands

Obedience Commands

  • Here
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Loose Leash Walking
Puppy Training

Puppy Issues

  • House Breaking
  • Mouthing/Biting
  • Chewing/Digging
  • Socialization
Dog Behavior


  • Destruction
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive Barking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias


  • Leash Aggressive / Reaction
  • Aggressive toward Other Dogs
  • Aggressive toward People
  • Guarding Food/Objects

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